LAZIOcrea - Regione Lazio

LAZIOcrea works alongside the Lazio Region to ensure the governance of the IT processes of the regional public administration. LAZIOcrea designs, builds and manages the Information System of the Lazio Region to stimulate the development of the information society, laying the foundations for the creation of digital administration.

For LAZIOcrea, CODIN deals with the implementation of important projects, which see the CODIN team engaged in the design and implementation of innovative IT solutions that ensure the improvement of the quality of services and the achievement and maintenance of high standards, thanks to the adoption of an approach comprehensive and multidisciplinary to projects.

SIRIF - Regional Education and Training Information System

In support of the Lazio Region in the prevention, monitoring and contrast of school and training dropouts, CODIN S.p.A. has created the SIRIF Information System as a fundamental technological tool for the governance of regional schooling.