The main activity of the National Institute of Social Security consists in the collection of contributions and in the settlement and payment of pensions and all benefits in support of income. Such an activity involves the treatment of a large number of information whose data concern pensions, contributions, layoffs, unemployment, illness.

Operando su tutto il territorio nazionale, e dovendo rispettare criteri di qualità, trasparenza ed efficienza, l’INPS è alla costante ricerca di soluzioni necessarie a garantire un elevato grado di qualità e uniformità nei processi di lavoro istituzionali.

CODIN supports the technical structure of INPS by providing the best skills in the field of analysis, design, implementation and management of IT solutions for the needs of:

  • management of the digital identities of the INPS information system and access control to the Park's information park applications;
  • DataWarehouse for the collection of audit application logs;
  • correct distribution and management of information to ensure data integrity and quality;
  • improvement of process flows of operating activities, their quality and uniformity through computerized and standardized management of the life cycle of practices.


Identity & Access Management system

CODIN offers itself as a supplier of innovative technological solutions in response to protection needs, to guarantee the integrity of information systems and data quality, from various risk factors. The Identity & Access Management system created for INPS addresses the delicate task of managing the security aspects of its information park, starting from a rationalization of the archives of pre-existing users and arriving at the centralized management of identities and access authorizations to the various components of the informative system.

System for centralized audit of logs

The information present in the large "information park" of the Social Security Institute may be subject to fraud, upon its occurrence, the Body is required to give evidence of all the IT operations carried out on them. In the processing of data and information of this nature, it is necessary to take appropriate precautions to track the activities of access and information management. CODIN has gained qualified skills in this area, implemented in the design and implementation of Audit solutions of the application logs.

Management system of standardized process flows for administrative procedures

The INPS, through the implementation of rules and laws that regulate the world of social security, manages more than 500 social security and welfare products. Operating throughout the national territory, and having to comply with quality, transparency and efficiency criteria, it is constantly looking for solutions necessary to guarantee a high degree of quality and uniformity in institutional work processes. In support of the reorganization of INPS production processes, CODIN S.p.A. has seen its team of specialists engaged in the design and implementation of the IT system for the management of standardized process flows (FSP).