Corte dei Conti

The Corte dei Conti (Court of Auditors) is the constitutional body of the Italian State with consultative, control and jurisdictional functions that awaits the mission of guaranteeing the activity of the Public Administration with particular regard to that of the administrators; to that of the use of public money; to that of asset management and to relevant capital conduct.

The Corte dei Conti is undergoing a complex process of adaptation and modernization to satisfy the growing "demand" for efficient controls, and for a timely exercise of the jurisdiction of responsibility; this in order to increase the transparency of the administration, to ensure the correct management of public resources, to raise the quality of the services that the administration provides to citizens.

For Corte dei Conti, CODIN has designed and implemented the Identity & Access Management for the rationalization and automation of identities that access the Court's Information Systems.

Identity & Access Management system for Corte dei Conti

From the need to rationalize and automate the process that guides the "life cycle" of the credentials and authorizations assigned to users of the Corte dei Conti information system, gained in a context characterized by a complex IT infrastructure, based on numerous heterogeneous components , and used daily by some thousands of users, the project intervention was born which saw CODIN engaged in the creation of the IT infrastructure for managing digital identities and controlling access to applications.