Public Administration

The transformation process of the Public Administration, which passes from the awareness of the need for a new, digital, more efficient administration and arrives to the new need for an "open PA" and always available to the needs of the territory and citizens, is all today in progress and proceeds in a not always organic and uniform way throughout the Italian territory. Gradually the process got underway and highlighted how the introduction of new technologies and digital tools in the context of the provision of public services has opened up new opportunities, but at the same time represents a new challenge to which the Central and Local Administrations they must find an answer.

CODIN has been working for years in the design and implementation of projects that meet the needs and challenges of a market so strongly characterized by parameters of innovation, safety, savings and efficiency. CODIN, for the Public Administration Market, proposes solutions that provide for:

  • support the reorganization of production processes, for a constant improvement of the processes, their quality and uniformity;
  • manage the complexity in the treatment of the information present in the large institutional "information parks";
  • monitor IT operations in the treatment of "sensitive" information;
  • protect the integrity of information systems from various risk factors (accidental access, willful misconduct, errors, etc.) while simultaneously ensuring correct distribution and management of information, so as to ensure the integrity and quality of the data;
  • rationalize the information systems by unifying the reference registers of the domains of interest to provide univocal consultation, verification and feeding services based on centralized databases;
  • create systems for the management of emergency services, which allow the national and regional organizations in charge of operating an effective management of events and operational and coordination actions.