AGI - Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

AGI, the Italian Journalism Agency, is one of the main press agencies that collects, publishes and distributes journalistic information with news on the editorial, economic, industrial and public administration world, with specialized or general interest products and services built on the needs customer specifications and content for internet, intranet and mobile telephony portals. His business is centered on the ability to be inside the news, to grasp the facts live and to transmit them in real time in a simple and widespread way.

CODIN offers AGI qualified skills and value-added solutions by providing services of:

  • design, implementation and management of complex information systems for real-time consultation and research in the news archives.
  • creation and provision of interactive Web services;
  • realization of graphic projects;
  • corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the installed solutions.

AGI's new Journalistic Distribution System

CODIN has designed, implemented and managed the New News Distribution System for AGI. The construction project was born as a response to the needs of the Agency and evolution of the previous solution based on MSD (Message Delivery System), exceeding the limits of functionality and scalability, to support the consistent increase in the Agency's business volumes.