Territory Protection and Exploitation

Interventions on the territory and emissions of dangerous substances both from natural and man-made sources often cause harmful effects on the environment and human health. Activities such as agriculture, tourism and sport can impact the environment significantly and with sometimes serious consequences. Thanks to information collected with the use of sensors transported by UAV, the solution is able to highlight critical issues such as pollution, fire principles, hydrogeological instability and vegetation diseases to guarantee protection and safeguard of the territory.



Main functionalities managed by the solution:

  • Territory scanning and information gathering.
  • Early identification of phenomena such as pollution, fire principles, hydrogeological instability, vegetation diseases.
  • Geolocation of the points of attention detected.
  • Management of scan missions.



The solution offers the following benefits:

  • The solution offers the following benefits.
  • Creation of knowledge bases for effective preventive interventions on the territory.
  • Support for Smart Agriculture techniques.