Social Investigation

Today, the possibility of providing useful information to law enforcement agencies in investigating open sources is vital. The aim of the solution is to identify scenarios and trends to prevent critical situations for the safety of society and citizens.



Main functionalities managed by the solution:

  • Semantic analysis to extract keywords and concepts from the so-called "open sources" social networks, blogs, etc.
  • Processing large quantities of heterogeneous information.
  • Correlation of information thanks to algorithms based on artificial neural networks.
  • Identification of explicit and hidden relationships between actors, actions and scenarios.



The solution offers the following benefits:

  • Composition of an overview of information, easy to use.
  • Identification of facts, actors and actions to carry out countermeasures and mitigation interventions.
  • Identification of explicit and hidden relationships useful to clarify causes and effects in the social context.
  • Improvement of decision-making processes.