Critical Infrastructure Protection - Port security

Securing a port area requires a holistic and proactive approach that guarantees the complete protection of the site, infrastructure and assets inside it. The intervention must be focused on securing the logistics process and integrating all the necessary countermeasures. The solution provides for the integration and cooperation between innovative technologies, applications and physical and logical security systems.



Main functionalities managed by the solution:

  • Port area monitoring thanks to innovative video surveillance technologies.
  • Identification and authorization of containers, staff and operators who access the port area.
  • Monitoring and tracking of containers, staff and operators throughout their stay in the area.
  • Immediate detection of unauthorized movement and opening of containers and anomalies in the logistics flow.



The solution offers the following benefits:

  • Holistic and constant monitoring of personnel, operators, vehicles and goods in transit in the port area.
  • Immediate identification of anomalies in the area's operations and logistics flows.
  • Possibility of immediate actions to counter threats.