The activities of the AGREEN project ‘Monitoring of agricultural crops for the optimization of the production process’ completed using the POR Fesr-Fse Calabria 14/20 funding Structural Funds of European investments – AXIS I ACTION 1.2.2.

The project pursued the aim of analyzing the data on crops collected through the sensors installed on board the drones, in order to improve all stages of the agricultural production process. The analysis of the data allows, in fact, to define a behavioral model for the crop in question which, compared with the periodically collected data, allows to detect in a timely manner the possible critical situations allowing to anticipate the interventions. The consequent constant monitoring of the state of health of the crops and of the degree of ripeness of the fruits allows to optimize the interventions on the field and the time of harvest of the product.

The application of the solution allowed, already during the experimentation period, to optimize the production process allowing to reduce the number of fertilizations carried out, to start the collection of the product when a large part of the plants had reached the correct state of fruit ripening. and to effectively plan the pruning, selecting the areas on which to carry out the clearing works according to an emergency calendar.

The indications highlighted by the system have been constantly verified with a targeted campaign of surveys and assessments in the field, which have made it possible to evaluate the accuracy of the results produced by the neural networks, providing further indications for training.

Among the indicators measured, to provide a figure that quantifies the overall improvements obtained by applying the solution, we report the yield parameter of the olives which, in 2019 reached 15.18%, higher than all the yields considered in the previous years of which they were considering the data.

The detailed description of the activities, of the analysis methods adopted are reported in the attached article (ITA).