CODIN wins the POR-CALABRIA FESR-FSE 2014-2020 loan

logo-por-Pagina-1024x206CODIN, together with the partners Pegaso Telematic University, “La Greca” Farm and the support of the agronomist Corrado, has been awarded the funding for the smart agriculture project presented within the POR CALABRIA FESR 2014 2020 – Action 1.2.2 ” Support to the realization of complex projects of research and development activities on a few important thematic areas and to the application of technological solutions functional to the implementation of S3 strategies

PROJECT – Monitoring of agricultural crops to optimize the production process

The solution analyzes the data on crops collected through the sensors installed on board drones that fly over the area of ​​interest, in order to monitor and improve all stages of the agricultural production process. The data analysis, carried out through an engine based on artificial neural networks, allows you to define the behavioral model of the culture in question. The comparison of this model with the periodically collected data allows to promptly highlight the state of health and possible divergences in the development of cultivation, allowing to anticipate decisions and effectively direct the entire production process.


Constantly monitor the state of health of the crops and the degree of ripeness of the products, optimizing the interventions of administration of fertilizers and phytosanitary substances and identifying the optimal times for the harvesting activities.