CODIN is a supplier of innovative software solutions present on the ICT market since 1986.

CODIN supports customers in the change and evolution of their information systems with high added value solutions through the conception, design and implementation of innovative systems, making leverage on significant and specific technical skills.

Quality Certifications

We consider the Quality of the service and our products a primary value and a key factor for our success and for the maximum satisfaction of our customers. The guarantee of our quality is based on working methodologies that cover all the activities of the life cycle of a project. This method allows us to carry out constant monitoring of the planning, design, implementation and commissioning of our solutions.





In 2013 the "Software Design, Development and Maintenance" Organizational Unit of CODIN S.p.A. which takes care of the design, development and maintenance of the Software, has reached Maturity Level 3 of the CMMI® for Development model v. 1.3 (Capability Maturity Model Integration) of the CMMI Institute.


Since 2001 we have been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified for the "Design and implementation of technical and managerial IT solutions and the provision of related technical consultancy services. Supply of hardware and software products".

iso27001Since 2014 we are UNI EN ISO 27001 certified for the "Design and implementation of IT solutions for the creation of software products".

Management and Board

Walter Tisone Founder & President



Walter Tisone President

Managing Director
Gianmarco Tisone Board Member
Federica Tisone Board Member

Board of Statutory Auditors

Bruno Calzia President

Maurizio Barra Standing Statutory Auditor
Ilaria Carpuso Standing Statutory Auditor
Lorenzo Barra Substitute Statutory Auditor
Javier Perez Arquero Substitute Statutory Auditor

Supervisory Board

Fabiana Liberati President


Human capital is the main strategic competitiveness factor of our offer. The growth of skills and the sharing of experiences are therefore the primary objectives of CODIN to strengthen the company's assets.

Therefore, our staff participates in training courses and continuous updating, also through a fruitful relationship with high-level industrial partners. We pursue the achievement of our business objectives through an action based on compliance with clear and transparent rules.

Aware that ethics in behavior constitutes a value and a condition of success, we have decided to adopt a Code of Ethics that identifies the guidelines which inspires all company activity and which makes the professional excellence and ethics of our resources more transparent.


CODIN's offer is divided into markets and by type of products and services offered.

offerta_graficoThe approach that distinguishes us is that of an IT partner, able to offer effective support for the correct identification of needs and guidelines. Our goal is to improve the processes in support of the business and institutional activities of our customers thanks to the use of information technologies and solutions.

CODIN's offer is diversified into specific areas of expertise in which it has been providing effective and innovative solutions with high added value for years.

Air Traffic Control

For over 10 years CODIN has been supporting the engineering, design, software development, configuration, integration, maintenance and user training phases for the main components of air traffic control systems, such as graphic consoles for real-time control, multi processing real-time systems in UNIX environment or flight data management.


Cyber Security

CODIN, in line with its strategic objectives, thanks to private investments and public funding, has developed the software framework ESSG® - Enterprise Security Service Grid dedicated to the implementation of security solutions operating in real time.

ESSG® based solutions allow the management of the entire security process with a holistic, proactive approach focused on Real Time User and Entity Behavior Analysis. The areas addressed are Homeland Security, Cyber Defense, Social Investigation, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Transportation Infrastructure Protection, Port Security, Territory Protection and Exploitation.


CODIN has been working for several years alongside healthcare and hospital companies in the creation of IT solutions to support management activities in the health sector, not only thanks to an integrated and modular suite addressed to Clinical Governance, but also on the basis of experience gained in the development of solutions for regional IT structures..


Test Integration Management

Drawing on many years of experience in the development of complex applications in SOA architecture, CODIN has created an innovative Test Integration Management solution for verifying interoperability between applications that support business processes..

CODIN, applying its methodologies based on the CMMI® Level 3 model, promotes and participates in the census and representation activities of the Client's application park, identifies the core processing paths and designs the test procedures suitable for verifying their correct functioning.

To manage and coordinate these activities, CODIN uses both market tools and a product developed ad hoc, based on Open-Source components and libraries. The product interacts with the main test-automation and bug-tracking tools in order to govern the entire integration and test process.


The approach to the market is that of an IT partner, able to offer effective support for the correct identification of needs and guidelines. Our goal is to improve the processes that support our customers' business and institutional activities.

We stand by our customers, share their objectives and offer them functional, technological and innovative process solutions, oriented towards efficiency, efficacy and quality parameters, actively contributing to the growth of their business and the achievement of strategic objectives.

The approach to the market is that of an IT partner, able to offer effective support for the correct identification of needs and guidelines.

Our goal is to improve the processes that support our customers' business and institutional activities.

Public Administration

The transformation process of the Public Administration, which passes from the awareness of the need for a new, digital, more efficient administration and arrives to the new need for an "open PA" and always available to the needs of the territory and citizens, is all today in progress and proceeds in a way that is not always organic and uniform

Industry and Services

The Industry and Services market is characterized by high levels of competitiveness and innovation. Companies operating in the sector are called to face ever greater challenges. CODIN has been operating in the Industry and Services market since 1986, providing excellent and highly specialized professional services, an experience gained


CODIN has been present in the healthcare market for several years, working alongside regional IT structures or healthcare and hospital companies in the creation of IT solutions to support management activities in the healthcare sector. The legislation in force, aimed at creating a sustainable health system, capable of

Media and Finance

The operators of the Media & Finance markets are constantly looking for innovative and performing IT solutions to ensure speed and cost-effectiveness for their internal processes and thus guarantee excellent services to their customers. For the Media & Finance markets, CODIN offers innovative solutions that meet the specifications


CODIN, thanks to its Research and Development structure, offers high value solutions in terms of technological-scientific content. Collaborations and partnerships with the academic world allow the structure to guarantee the company a constant transfer of knowledge and know-how.

Proactive Security

The use of real-time User and Entity Behavior Modeling techniques guarantees the proactive approach to process monitoring. Real Time Analytics algorithms allow CODIN solutions to holistically analyze the behaviors of all the actors involved, be they users, applications, systems or communication infrastructures. The behaviors of the actors, identified in real time, are continually compared with the behavioral models learned from the solution. Any discrepancies are immediately reported as potential threats or critical situations ensuring a proactive approach to security. Self-learning techniques allow the continuous evolution of behavioral models in accordance with the evolution of the business process.






ESSG® is a software framework enabling the creation of proactive security solutions thanks to the functionality of:

  • integration of applications, systems, sensors and probes to obtain events and information;
  • BPM for the coordination of the integrated components and the realization of the service logic;
  • logic of information networking to realize geographically distributed services;
  • Real Time Analytics for the analysis and correlation of heterogeneous information, the detection of behavioral models and the identification of divergences and trends;
  • dashboards, reporting tools and actuators for the use of the results.

ESSG® allows you to create solutions with features:

  • Real time - the service is managed in real time so as to promptly address problems and, thanks to trend analysis algorithms, anticipate decisions;
  • Event driven - thanks to a stateful approach, the solution to each new event identifies the scenario and reacts accordingly;
  • Management by exception - the operator is involved to manage the exceptions to the normal course of the process.

The architectures and technologies implemented make it possible to guarantee the effectiveness of the services provided. Thanks to the continuous comparison of the real behavior of the processes with the theoretical models prepared, it is possible to identify different types of divergent behaviors by subsequently adding further rules to improve the solution's ability to correctly identify the cases or detect new types of behaviors.

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Identity & Access Management System for INPS

CODIN offers itself as a supplier of innovative technological solutions in response to the needs of protection from various risk factors to guarantee the integrity of the information systems and the quality of the data.

Logging Management & Analisys System for INPS

The information present in the large "information park" of the Social Security Institute may be subject to fraud, upon its occurrence, the Body is required to disclose all the IT operations carried out on them.

Management system of standardized process flows for INPS administrative procedures

INPS, through the implementation of rules and laws that regulate the world of social security, manages more than 500 social security and welfare products.

Identity & Access Management System for Corte dei Conti

Rationalization and automation of the process that guides the "life cycle" of credentials and authorizations assigned to users of the Corte dei Conti information system

ASUR - Single Regional Health Registry Information System for LAZIOcrea

The reference regulatory context in the field of health, the need for greater efficiency and effectiveness of the National Health Service and compliance with the guidelines of the National Health Plan plan determine, at regional level, the need for rationalization of health information systems

SIRIF - Regional Education and Training Information System for LAZIOcrea

In support of the Lazio Region in the prevention, monitoring and contrast of school and training dropouts, CODIN has created the SIRIF Information System as a fundamental technological tool for the governance action of regional schooling

Portal of Civil Protection Volunteer Services for Leonardo

In support of the organization of the service for the management of the structured structure of the voluntary organizations and the relative operators located throughout the national territory, CODIN has designed, implemented and managed, for Leonardo, the portal for the management of voluntary services of Civil protection

AGI's new Journalistic Distribution System

CODIN designed, implemented and managed the New News Distribution System for AGI. The construction project was born as a response to the needs of the Agency and evolution of the previous solution

Integrated System for Safety of Air Traffic Control Infrastructure for ENAV

CODIN, has provided consultancy for the definition of an ICT IT and architectural solution model called SSC (Supervision and Control System), which integrates information from ATC infrastructures and systems and from equipment and control devices for physical security

Privacy risk analysis for ENAV

Risk analysis plays an important role in the process of achieving and maintaining compliance, allows to identify the main events potentially harmful to data security and prevents possible consequences or limits their severity. CODIN, thanks to its particular experience in Risk Management and Privacy, has put into practice an assessment and analysis methodology that uses qualitative / quantitative methods that provide numerical enhancements and ensure the possibility of repetitiveness and comparison of measurements


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ripresa_dadroneGennuary 2020 - The activities of the AGREEN project 'Monitoring of agricultural crops for the optimization of the production process' completed using the POR Fesr-Fse Calabria 14/20 ...

Immagine3 AGRICOLTURA 4.0 - Rome - December 16, 2019

CODIN, in synergy with the Pegaso Telematic University, promotes the AGRICOLTURA 4.0 conference within the project "Monitoring of agricultural crops to optimize the production process"

Rome, Italy - December 16, 2019 3:00PM
Università Telematica Pegaso - Via Panisperna, 207

Immagine3 AGRICOLTURA 4.0 - Naples - October 25, 2019

CODIN, in synergy with the Pegaso Telematic University, promotes the AGRICOLTURA 4.0 conference within the project “Monitoring of agricultural crops to optimize the production process”

Naples, Italy - October 25, 2019 10:30 AM
Università Telematica Pegaso - Centro Direzionale Isola F2 - Piano 14




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